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Nicola Vinall Nutritionist

Why does nobody warn us about the
long list of symptoms we’ll face?

I specialise in perimenopause and menopause, helping women like you feel like themselves again...

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Exhaustion, low mood, lack of focus, intense rage, overwhelm 

It’s not all that surprising that most of us take a little while to figure out what on earth is going on when we hit perimenopause. The sheer number of symptoms you experience can make you feel like you’re going mad.


You might just assume that this is what getting older feels like. Or if you’re in premature, medical or surgical menopause, maybe you’re struggling to understand what’s happening to you. Thank goodness we’re talking about it a little more these days - though there’s still more work to do to make this less of a surprise for all of us.


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Life can be busy and challenging. When you’re juggling work, family and other responsibilities, as well as your symptoms, you probably don’t have the time or energy to research the pros and cons of HRT. Or look into the latest alternative therapy that’s supposed to help your symptoms. From black cohosh to giving up alcohol to HRT… how do you know what’s right for you?

It’s especially difficult if you’re in early or surgical menopause, as all those books, podcasts and documentaries don’t feel like they’re made for you. Where are all the younger menopausal women hiding out? Where are the women whose hormones fell off a cliff overnight? And what are they doing to feel better if HRT isn’t an option?

You may get lucky and have a knowledgeable GP. Or you can always go it alone - Googling your symptoms and trying to figure out what will work for you. But having a sympathetic guide - someone who’s trodden this path before you and is trained to help and support you with your symptoms - can speed up this journey and get you back to feeling like YOU much more rapidly.

So many “solutions” but which ones will work for you?

I'm Nicola,

a BANT Registered Nutritionist, Functional Medicine certified Health Coach and Pharmacist.

As a registered nutritional therapist I can help you dive deeper into your health. I use a functional medicine approach that helps to find the root cause, rather than using a plaster to cover up symptoms. With additional (optional) tests we can work out if there are any imbalances affecting your symptoms.

If you’ve ever tried to make changes to your diet and lifestyle with the aim of improving your health, you’ll know that it’s not as simple as you first think. Good intentions and willpower aren’t usually enough when it comes to making changes that stick. This is where a health coach can help. As a cheerleader and ally, I’ll help motivate you and hold you accountable so that making lasting changes is a little easier.

Nicola Vinall Nutritionist

Working with me 

Health coaching and nutrition for a healthier and happier life

There are many ways to support your health as you handle menopausal symptoms  - surgical, premature or otherwise. With my background as a pharmacist, I can talk you through the various lotions and potions available. You will need to talk to a doctor if you decide to go down the HRT route, but it means you can be well informed about what’s available. HRT can help, but it isn’t the only option.

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Nicola Vinall Logo
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Getting you through this life stage in great shape

My own perimenopause symptoms meant I was barely coping with life.  So I set about educating myself, and I realised that many of my lifestyle choices weren’t  helping… like my habit of staying up late, and that first glass of wine that seemed to trigger my chocolate habit. 

I don’t want to live like a nun(!) but I do want to have enough energy to enjoy my life, so I set about making some changes. I’ve done it, so I know you can do it too.

How much better would you feel if you could at least make a start on getting some of your symptoms under control?


From hot flushes, night sweats, headaches and palpitations, to joint pain, brain fog, mood swings and weight gain. Whatever you’re going through, there’s something you can do to  feel better. (For more on symptoms, see the full list on the Menopause page.)


It’s surprising how many of your symptoms can improve when you make little lifestyle tweaks, especially if you’ve got someone to coach you through the changes and help keep you on track. My practice is designed to help clients who are frustrated, struggling and willing to change. If you are looking for a practitioner who will listen to your story and be a partner in your healing then I am glad that you are here.

Menopause & Your Vagina

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