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Menopause and the Modern Workplace: A Vital Dialogue for Business Growth

Understanding the Urgency of Menopause Training

Menopause is a natural stage, but its impact is far from uniform. While some may navigate it with ease, others endure a tumultuous transition, facing a spectrum of physical and psychological challenges. The repercussions extend beyond individuals, affecting their families, friends, and colleagues.

My mission is to foster open dialogue, awareness, and comprehensive support to alleviate the difficulties associated with menopause in the work environment.


Through Education


My approach is to engage with your team and empower them to embrace positive change. With flexible solutions tailored to fit your company's unique culture, I aim to facilitate a menopause-friendly workplace.  As a certified Henpicked Menopause Workplace Trainer, I aim to normalise menopause conversations, ensuring it's a topic of inclusivity, not discomfort.

I aspire to echo the strides made by Henpicked's Menopause in the Workplace initiatives with larger entities, extending these benefits to enterprises of all sizes. By providing tried, tested, and trusted CPD-registered training materials, I'll work with your organisation's colleagues and leaders to help change hearts and minds around menopause.

Professional Development and Retention

Women in mid and older life are returning to or staying in work longer.

Women aged 50-64 have been the fastest-growing demographic in the workplace for decades across the whole global north. It's estimated that there are at least 5.87 million women of menopausal or premenopausal age currently working in the UK. The recent Fawcett report research data states that 25% of women surveyed said they'd considered quitting work, and 10% have left work because of menopause.

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76% of hiring managers within organisations admit that their biggest challenge is attracting and retaining the right candidates for roles.

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Expertise in Holistic Well-being

Henpicked's ambition of supporting menopause will help attract and retain talent and help people thrive in their careers. Women who feel supported are happier, more committed, and more satisfied. This is hard to measure tangibly but is evidenced in a lot of data. The legal reason should not be the only reason – but it is worth noting that it is now critical for employers to ensure that they follow best practices in how they support menopausal women in the workplace.

As a nutritional therapist, health coach, and pharmacist, I offer specialised talks that delve into the nuances of menopause, providing actionable diet and lifestyle recommendations to manage its symptoms effectively. Your organisation's unique needs are paramount. I invite you to engage with me to craft a program that resonates with your ethos and supports your team.

Work with me

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Introduction Session for Navigating Menopause at Work

A complimentary 30-minute discovery session where we'll begin to unravel the complexities of menopause in the professional sphere.


It's a chance for us to understand your organisation's unique dynamics and start crafting bespoke solutions that align with your specific needs. Just as every individual experiences menopause differently, each business faces its own challenges – let's explore what that means for your team.

A Session for Colleagues: Understanding Menopause

Our workshop equips employees with essential knowledge about menopause, offering insights into its varied onset and the spectrum of symptoms women may experience.


We delve into practical strategies for symptom management, fostering an environment where employees can seek guidance and support. This session is designed to empower your team with understanding, paving the way for a supportive and informed workplace.

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A Session for Managers - Facilitating Menopause Awareness

This session is an extension of the foundational menopause training, tailored specifically for management. It aims to equip leaders with the skills to engage in sensitive dialogue, offering guidance on fostering open conversations about menopause. Line managers do not need to become experts in menopause.


However, they may need help understanding some of the issues and to be provided with support in learning how to have what used to be viewed as difficult or awkward conversations. We highlight the critical impact that understanding and support can have on team morale and productivity. Managers will gain essential knowledge not only to aid their staff but also to reinforce the values of a caring and inclusive workplace, ultimately contributing to the company's success.

Pause Support Group – Ongoing Support and Engagement

Let me create a regular Menopause Support Group. This group is a dedicated time for support and discussion that adapts to your organization's rhythm.


Whether unpacking a specific topic or addressing spontaneous concerns, these sessions provide a reliable space for staff to voice their experiences and seek collective wisdom on navigating menopause. An Individual Customized Wellness Talk: Navigating Menopause with Nutritional Insights Embark on a personalized journey with our exclusive sessions, where we delve into the complexities of menopause—from its biological underpinnings to the diverse array of symptoms.


I integrate case studies to vividly illustrate how targeted dietary and lifestyle interventions can mitigate these symptoms. The core of these talks is to empower you with strategies that not only ease the menopausal transition but also lay the groundwork for sustained post-menopausal health. While not CPD accredited, this premier offering is rich with practical advice, focusing primarily on nutritional and lifestyle adjustments and their beneficial roles in your overall well-being

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