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Nicola Vinall Nutrition

Take Control of Menopause Programme

4 Month high level 1:1 Programme

Transform your life in just 16 weeks with this exclusive personalised program designed for menopausal women. Say goodbye to weight struggles, hot flushes, and fatigue, and hello to confidence, control, and vitality.


Join me on a journey to reclaim your well-being and start living the life you've always dreamed of.

Topics covered in the Take Control of Menopause package include

Stress management

Sleep hygiene

How to optimise what you eat and your digestion

How to balance your blood sugar levels.

The impact of ‘anti-nutrients’ such as caffeine and alcohol

Discussions about ways that you can support yourself with different forms of exercise

How to support your gut and detoxification

Different breathing techniques to help you destress

A 'Grey Area' drinking programme if desired

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