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Dutch Hormone Testing

Are you considering a DUTCH hormone test?

If you're grappling with possible hormonal issues, such as abnormal menstruation (such as heavy or painful periods), PMS, headaches, decreased sex drive, mood swings, fatigue, anxiety, depression, breast tenderness, endometriosis, fibroids, acne, or hormonal weight gain then, yes this can help.

Moreover, if you're undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), it can be crucial to assess how your body is metabolising these hormones. Understanding your body's response to HRT and evaluating the risk of oestrogen accumulation can be essential considerations.

A DUTCH hormone test offers valuable insights into your hormonal profile, guiding personalized interventions and optimizing your hormone therapy regimen.

What does the DUTCH Test measure?

DUTCH stands for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones. It measures hormone metabolites from dried urine samples collected from a small amount of urine on filter paper.

The hormones that can be measured include:

Cortisol, Cortisone, Oestradiol, Estrone, Estriol, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA, and Melatonin. This test also measures cortisol, cortisone rhythms, levels, and oestrogen metabolism pathways

Image by Drew Hays

Are you considering a DUTCH hormone test?

The DUTCH test is not the best way to determine the actual levels of these hormones.


A blood serum test is the best option. If you would like this as well, please email me, and we can arrange that. Several DUTCH tests are available. The DUTCH complete is the most beneficial and value for money. If you want to order a different product, please email me, and we can arrange this.

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The Dutch Complete Package

This package is for premenopausal women, post-menopause, and anyone on HRT. This test is completed over 24 hours (days 19-21 for cycling women or anytime for no cycle/post-menopause).


1 x Dutch Complete Test (including delivery and return postage)

+ Analysis

+ 60-minute practitioner support Zoom call


Please book your appointment 6 weeks in advance to allow for receiving your Dutch test kit, sending it to the lab, and analysing the results.


Once you have completed your details and booked an appointment, you will be sent a confirmation email, a consent form, and our terms and conditions. These need to be completed. The invoice will then be sent.


Once this has been paid, the test will be ordered and posted to you directly. Please ensure that the address given is the delivery address. Delivery takes about 5 working days.


Any queries can then be answered before you take the test, including any supplements to stop and when to do the test. Please note your test must be taken within 6 months of purchase or it will expire.

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