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Absolute Clarity

Feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of menopause?

The uncertainty of menopause can be daunting. Constantly questioning whether your experiences are normal, what stage you're at, and when it will all end can feel overwhelming. That's why connecting with others in similar situations, like through supportive Facebook groups, can be incredibly helpful.

But sometimes, you need more than just shared experiences.


"Nicola is amazingly passionate and knowledgeable about all things menopause. To be able to have an open discussion about my HRT options so that I was informed when chatting to my GP has been lifesaving."

Happy Woman

In certain circumstances I firmly believe in the power of knowledge and advocate for a "test, don't guess" approach.

Though they are certainly not essential, through comprehensive testing, we can gain valuable insights into what your hormones are doing, how they are being metabolised, how they may be influencing your symptoms, and how your genetic makeup may be influencing your world.


By shedding light on the unknown and embracing a proactive approach, you can be empowered to not just navigate, but truly master your menopause journey.


Here's how testing can help

Targeted Support: Gain valuable information to direct more efficient support.

Motivation for Change: Seeing your results and understanding why certain changes are recommended can make it easier to implement them.

Accurate Protocols: Pinpointing our protocol more accurately can lead to faster results.

This premium package is designed for those who are struggling, want to understand more, and desire changes to happen as fast as possible.

Remember: While tests can guide us to more precise and speedier results, they are not a magic solution. You still need to put in the work to implement the recommendations. But with this approach, you’ll have a clearer path to follow and the support you need to make meaningful progress.


This package includes:

1 x DUTCH test

3 X Nutrigenomic tests from Lifecode Gx

Complete health assessment and medical review – including the above tests

Diet and lifestyle analysis

An initial 90-minute consultation

Personalised diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations

8 x 45-minute follow-up sessions spread over 4 months


Please book your appointment 8 weeks in advance to allow for receiving your DNA test kit, sending it to the lab and analysing the results.


"It has only been 4 months, but I already feel masses better. Before I was rapidly becoming resigned to always feeling old, grumpy, and achy. Not anymore. Fab!"

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