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Embrace Menopause: Overcoming Challenges and Celebrating Success at Any Phase

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Do you only help women going through menopause, or can you help those who have been through menopause and are still struggling?

How do you do this ??

Menopause is a journey that every woman will eventually embark upon.

Whether you're just stepping into the erratic fluctuations of perimenopause or have crossed over into the postmenopausal realm- the impact of menopause is undeniable, regardless of your age.

Every woman's journey is unique. Whatever stage you are in and however you have got there is marked by significant shifts in your body and well-being.


As a nutritional therapist, my mission revolves around providing comprehensive support throughout this transformative phase. From managing symptoms to optimising postmenopausal vitality, my toolkit encompasses strategies tailored to any stage of the journey.

The beauty lies in the fact that transformation doesn't adhere to a strict timetable;

It commences whenever you're ready to embrace a positive change.

Diet and lifestyle changes are the cornerstones of this journey and can make a whopping difference. Whether you're in perimenopause, dealing with PMT, aiming to proactively manage potential menopausal challenges, or searching for relief post-surgical menopause - now is the time to take steps toward a healthier life.


My general approach:

Traditionally, my approach to supporting women through menopause was based on four foundational pillars:

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1. Eat:

Shift away from diet culture. Though no diet guarantees relief, adopting a Mediterranean approach can benefit. Prioritize real food, incorporate protein in each meal to stabilize blood sugar, and increase vegetable intake.

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2. Relax:

Recognize the body's stress during perimenopause. Manage it through balanced eating, regular exercise, and relaxation techniques to maintain cortisol levels.

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3. Move:

Regular physical activity supports overall health and alleviates symptoms. Mix aerobic, strength, and flexibility exercises.

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4. Sleep: Harness the power of restful sleep.

These pillars, personalised for each individual, lay the foundation for sustainable changes. It's not about making drastic alterations only to revert to old habits a month later.

Recently, I've introduced a fifth pillar – Information and Support .


The ambiguity surrounding menopause remains a prevalent theme among women and even healthcare professionals.

Confession time: Despite my role as a pharmacist, my grasp of this subject extended only as far as medication basics. It was my personal encounters that propelled me to explore deeper.

In a landscape where misinformation, myths, and societal taboos cast shadows on menopause, accurate information and unwavering support from a nurturing community cannot be overstated. Making all the difference in embracing this transition with confidence and vitality.


My consultations allocate substantial time to unraveling the causes behind women's symptoms.

Understanding the "why" behind your body's changes is crucial for effective adjustments. This may often involve advocating tests – a path to clarity that counters blind navigation. Opting out of tests is entirely acceptable, but brace for a slightly longer journey.


Support is paramount. Joining various Facebook groups for women's health has shown me the relief that stems from having a safe space to discuss issues. Although friends and family might offer support, the unique experiences during menopause may require a more nuanced understanding.

When I work with a client, it is always a joint operation. This is one of the reasons that I insist on a free discovery call. While I can certainly provide guidance, I aim to collaborate as a team. This process typically spans three months. I want this to work for you.

What am I trying to say?

It's always possible to embrace positive changes at any stage. Your journey through menopause is a dynamic process that deserves tailored attention. Menopause can be a journey of transformation and empowerment. At every turn, diet and lifestyle changes are pivotal in enhancing vitality and embracing the next chapter of your life.

Seeking support from healthcare professionals, online communities, or friends is vital.

As a dedicated menopause nutritional therapist, I provide unwavering support tailored to every phase. Diet and lifestyle changes are your powerful allies, whether you're managing symptoms, seeking proactive strategies, or post-surgical relief. Together, we can navigate the pillars of nutrition, relaxation, movement, sleep, and unwavering information to ensure lasting and positive changes.

It's a collaborative journey designed to empower you with knowledge and guidance for a brighter, healthier menopausal transition.

Prioritising your health is an investment in a brighter and healthier future.


I'm here to support you throughout your journey. Feel free to reach out if you need guidance, help staying consistent, or are concerned about other issues you might be facing.

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